Čarodějná Bestyjola (Magical tour with animals)

kaditlačka 300PXAnimals and vermin of our witches

At Čarodějná Bestyjola our witches take care of their pets with love. They diligently take care of black goats and sheep, rabbits, magical hens, pheasants, turtledoves, but also of rats, mouses, cockroaches, bed bugs, worms and other animals and vermin. Everyday they feed them with the yummiest food from the fairytale kitchen. Here, you will see magical wardrobes, a tile stove – where our witches prepare delicious food and potions, travel carriage Drncolet and other neccessary witch stuff. Čarodějná Bestyjola is guarded by an old geezer Hnojbabák, spider Kaditlačka and witch Kolohnáta.

If you want to know why travel carriage is halved, come and listen to the fairytale story.

At Čarodějná Bestyjola our latest baby animals are two lambs Kudrlinka and Svetříček. 

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