Castle fairytale underground

smaragd450PXYou will enjoy the fairytale atmosphere of our mysterious underground

Castle tour „FAIRYTALE I.“ will bring you into the FAIRYTALE of wizard ARCHIBALD I. to a mysterious fairytale underground. You will visit a palace full of elves – it´s a home of a happy crew of elves called the Creators and the Destroyers.

In the water kingdom you will be welcomed by a family of the water king Škebla II. and his daughter - princess Ráchanda. You will also visit the household of the Giant Zelijáš and the ice kingdom with the winter king, the lord of frost and ice – Minus Celsius IV. Next stations include the cave of big and domesticated Dragon Třífrňák from the forest kingdom, the fairytale dungeon and Giant Emerald Dragons who hide the secret of the dragon power in their giant emeralds.

After that you will see our fairytale hell – but don´t be scared – we have only nice fairytale creatures there. The NEWCOMERS are the waterpipe dragons Potrubáci and Recykláci. People of every age will enjoy it. 

You can also visit our Fairytale attic and join our historical tour, both of which are full of kind fairytale creatures as well.

Look at the photos from the fairytale underground

Into the fairytales of wizard Archibald I.bytosti všechny

Our fairytale castle has become a home of many fairytale creatures – elves, good-natured bogeymen, wizards of several categories and witches. It´s also a residence of beautiful princesses, grubby devils, water goblins, a giant, many dragons and other small or big fairytale creatures.

Visit us and enjoy the atmosphere of our magical fairytale castle tour. The highest fairytale wizard Archibald I., wizards, witches, princesses, devils, good-natured bogeymen, elves and other strange fairytale creatures with odd and funny names are waiting for your visit. Believe it or not, soon there will be more than 450 fairytale creatures! Your castle tour guide will be a beautiful princess, a real wizard or a witch. And you definitely won´t get bored! You will meet many fairytale friends, with them, you can try to guess some riddles, participate in competitions or play games and what‘s more – there might be a bag full of tasty candy waiting for you.