The Healthyworld and Dragon kingdom

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In castle tour “FAIRYTALE III.” you will experience both funny and educational journey located in the beautiful castle premises. You will be welcomed by the ruler of the Healthyworld - the dragon prince Zdrávokaz. You will also pass by the Vitamin Fairy and the elves Bacillers, the Fruiters and the Saladers, the dragon birth center and dentist, the Candy kingdom, the Starship, the Healthyschool and many more.

The elves Bacillers ran through the castle, so the Vitamin Fairy will need help to find them. In the royal chamber you will be welcomed by his majesty The Dragon King Rozumbraďák XVI. with his Dragon Queen Starostlinda and their daughters – dragon princesses Lajdalína, Trajdalína and Rozcaplína, who will tell you why dragons like beautiful princesses for lunch and dinner the most. Besides that, during the whole tour you will see also the fire, water, mud, forrest, night, sand, snow, thunder and golden dragons together with lots of other fairy creatures. You can also download our original coloring pictures of the Dragon Royal Family for free.

Apart from fairytale creatures from the Healtyworld and the Dragon Kingdom other fairies, dragons, elves, giants, watermen, witches and princesses are waiting for your visit in the Castle fairytale underground and Castle fairytale attic tours. We also prepared a castle tour for history lovers – Castle with Dragon King´s chamber, there you can experience unique exhibition about how people lived during the reign of emperor Franz Joseph I and a lot more.