Castle with Dragon king´s chamber

rozumbradak450pxPleasant mix of history and fairytale

We will show you how people lived during the reign of emperor Franz Joseph I. You will see a unique exposition - merchant shops, colony shop (with goods from the colonies) and a coffee shop – what it looked like when our great-grandmothers were young. You will visit a baroque kitchen, a big hunting hall, a bedroom, an office and other interesting places where thousands of exhibits represent the life of common people, burghers and aristocrats under the reign of the Habsburg monarchy. In the oldest part of the castle you will find out the secret of the Templar knights and taste our delicious honeywine

Dragon king and his kingdom

Our castle has become a home for more than thirty species of dragons! In the Dragon magical king chamber you will be honored to see the dragon king Rozumbraďák XVI. with his queen Starostlinda and their daughters – dragon princesses Lajdalína, Trajdalína and Rozcaplína, who will tell you why dragons like beautiful princesses for lunch and dinner the most. During the tour you can also see fire dragons, water dragons, forest dragons, night dragons, mud dragons, sand dragons, snow dragons, thunder dragons, golden dragons, cellar dragons and other fairytale creatures!

This castle tour will be appreciated by lovers of history and fairytales. It´s ideal for people of all ages. 

You can also visit our fairytale underground and join our fairytale attic, both of which are full of kind fairytale creatures as well.

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